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YakumoMS Update 2

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1 YakumoMS Update 2 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:45 am

YakumoMS v62 Update Number 2 Is FM NPC's And These Are Some Of The FM NPC's:

Kin: Male Appearance Stylist
NimaKin: Female Appearance Stylist
Spinel: All In On Teleporter
Porgy: PvP NPC
Aura: Guild Maker
Casey: JQ NPC
Billy: Player Hangout NPC
Cody: Job Advancer
Robin: Stat Reseter
Matilda: Super ReBirth NPC
Mad Bunny: Skill Maxer
O-Pongo: Free Buff NPC
Scrooge: Exchanges Envelopes For Mesos
Black Vikin: Gambler NPC
Rock, Paper, Scissors Admin: Plays Rock Paper Scissors
Spindel: NX NPC
Pettite: Music Changer
Faito: Sells Fame For Mesos
Kubo The StorageMan: Sells Smegas
Vending Machine: All In One Shop
Brown Vikin: Sex Changer

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