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Dennis GM app (i am Coder to not realy good but i know some things)

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Time Zone:GMT + Europe/Netherlands/Amsterdam

How long Are You Able To Play In a Day? 2~8 hours it depends on how much homework i got

Why Do You Want To Be a GM In YakumoMS? Becaus i know the owner he is very nice to me and i want to learn something about the people in the server

What Experiences Do You have Being a GM? Well i whas running a v55 server and v75 server
i was a GM in CombatStory GreatStory staplestory v83
UltimaMS FuckYeahMS!! and i whas a Admin in GMstory
everyone in GMstory whas a GM but i whas admin

What Would You Do If You Saw a Hacker? I take a screenshot to have proof he whas hacking and than !ban <name>

What Would You Do If Someone Got Scammed And Lost a Rare Item? Example: GM Scroll. I first ask him who did scam him than i go look if the name of the person excists than i go ask to the player to give it back to him and if he doesnt i jail him and i buy the scroll in gmshop and i give it to him.

What Would You Do If Your Friend Wanted a Rare Item From You And You Were A GM? Well than i ask the owner if he agree with it i give it when he doesnt i dont give it.

What Would You Do If your Best Friend Was Hacking In YakumoMS? i ask ''what the hell are you doing?!''
Than i take screen shot and ban

Hobbies:My hobbie is playing football and afcorse playing maplestory =)

More Information About You: Well as i said My name is Dennis i am 13 years old i live at the netherlands
My english is good but not perfect
i also speak dutch afcorse and a little bit spanish i am learning that on school =)
When i am older i want a job at the police.
I like music its my passion.
And on maplestory i like to hang out in fm talking with friends and doing events

Extra Words: Thanks for reading my GM APP!

I also know how to make a shop in v62 server

I got a vid for that on youtube
This is the link btw i didnt made that generator a friend of my did [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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