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Fulinamon (Kuyo)`s GM application

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1 Fulinamon (Kuyo)`s GM application on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:00 am

Name: Filipe Cattoni Elias

IGN: Fulinamon or Kuyo

Age: 15

Time Zone: GMT -3:00

How long Are You Able To Play In a Day?
3 hours on normal days, 5 hours on weekends, `bout 7 hours on vacation.

Why Do You Want To Be a GM In YakumoMS?
Because I want to be able to help this server and help people have fun (as well as myself =D)

What Experiences Do You have Being a GM?
I was a GM on a server for a month. It was fun!

What Would You Do If You Saw a Hacker?
I would give him a permanent ban.

What Would You Do If Someone Got Scammed And Lost a Rare Item? Example: GM Scroll.
I would ask for proof that he got scammed, and them i would force the scammer to give back his item. If he won`t, I would ban him temporarily and get another item
for the guy.

What Would You Do If Your Friend Wanted a Rare Item From You And You Were A GM?
I would tell him events exist. =D

What Would You Do If your Best Friend Was Hacking In YakumoMS?
I would give him a permanent ban.

Hobbies: Play piano and soccer.

More Information About You: I am an madman in the cool way. I am friendly and I easily make new friends.
I know the right time to do something, and I always search for the fair solution to things.

Extra Words: I really hope I become a GM, because I know how it is, and i liked it.

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