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Gabe's GM application

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1 Gabe's GM application on Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:15 pm

Name: My name is Gabriel, but please call me Gabbe

IGN: Will be Gabbe whenever owner starts server so I can register.

Age: I am currently 16 years old

Time Zone: I live in Sweden so my timezone is GMT +1

How long Are You Able To Play In a Day? Well since theres no school now I will be able to be online when the server is online.

Why Do You Want To Be a GM In YakumoMS? I want to be a GM since I enjoy helping people and by beeing GM you can do that better, and I want to help this server as much as I can.

What Experiences Do You have Being a GM? Well I have owned my own server (IngloriousMS) and been co-owner and coder in SwaggerMS, and I have also been SGM in some server long time ago so dont recall the names.
Proof: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

What Would You Do If You Saw a Hacker? I wuld IP ban him directly, since breaking the rules is just wrong.

What Would You Do If Someone Got Scammed And Lost a Rare Item? Example: GM Scroll. I wuld tell him/her that its their on fault for beeing scammed and that I can't give them a new item and tell them to be more careful in the future

What Would You Do If Your Friend Wanted a Rare Item From You And You Were A GM? Well this wont happen to me since non of my irl friends play private servers nowadays, but if they wuld I wuld not give them the item.
Rules apply to everyone!

What Would You Do If your Best Friend Was Hacking In YakumoMS? Well once again this wont happen, but I wuld IP ban ofc

Hobbies: Well Tennis, Computer, Music and Asians.

More Information About You: I'm a Swedish boy who wants to get to know all of you (players + staff), I'm kind of a serious guy who always followes the rules but I got humor to so dont be afraid of me, and well the last thing about me is probebly that I am not that good in english, so there might be afew spelling and grammer errors in here so sorry about that.

Extra Words: Thank you for taking your time on reading my application, and sorry for making it kinda boring to read, not so much colors and shiet.
Well if there is anything else you want to know you can either leave a comment below or contact me in msn or skype (Gabbe_456@hotmail.com kiba456@skype)

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